Dinosaur glossary

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Allosaurus Big carnivorous theropod dinosaur (Jurassic).
Apatosaurus Big herbivore from the infraorder sauropoda (Jurassic).
Atmosphere Gaseous layer surounding the Earth.


Brontosaurus The name by which Apatosaurus was known for many years (Jurassic).


Ceratopsia The Infraorder of dinosaurs like Triceratops (Cretaeceous).
Cellulose Hard to break down chemical.
Coelophysis Small flesh-eating dinosaur of th order theropoda (Triassic).
Cold-blooded Cold-blooded animals can't keep a constant body temperature without basking or cooling.
Cretaeceous The third and last era of the Mesozoic (144-65 MYA).


Dinosaur Group of animals that have bird-like and lizard-like features (Mesozoic).
Diplodocus Long herbivorous dinosaur of the suborder sauropodomorpha (Jurassic).


Euparkeria Extinct reptile, with semi-improved stance (Triassic).


Family The infraorders are classified into families.
Fossil Remains of a once living creature or plant.


Genus The families are classified into genera.
Giganotosaurus The biggest carnivore ever found (Cretaeceous).
Gondwana Southern super-continent in the triassic.


Infraorder Suborders are classified into infraorders.


Jurassic The second era of the mesozoic (208-144 MYA).


Laurasia Northern super-continent of the Jurassic.


Majungatholus Dinosaur of the infraorder Pachycephalosauria, that went down in history as the ugliest dinosaur ever to walk the Earth (Cretaeceous).
Marginocephalia Suborder which is classified into ceratopsians and pachycephalosaurs (Cretaecous).
Mesozoic Era between 248 and 65 MYA, to which the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaecous belong.
MYA Million years ago


Order The dinosaurs are classified into two orders: saurischia und ornithischia.
Ornithischia An order of the dinosaurs.


Pachycephalosauria Infraorder of the suborder Marginocephalia.
Palaeontologist Scientist who studies ancient life on Earth.
Pangaea Supercontinent in the Triassic.
Plateosaurus Dinosaur of the infraorder Prosauropoda (Triassic).
Prosauropoda Infraorder of the sauropodomorpha.


Saurischia Order of the dinosauria.
Sauropoda Infraorder of the sauropodomorpha.
Species Group of animals or plants subordinate in classification to genus that can interbreed and differ only in minor details.
Stegosaurus Dinosaur of the family of the stegosauria (Jurassic).
Suborder Orders are classified into suborders.


Theropoda Infraorder of the saurischian order.
Thyreophora Suborder of the ornithischian order.
Triassic First era of the Mesozoic (248-208 MYA).
Triceratops Dinosaur of the ceratopsian infraorder (Cretaeceous).
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur of the family tyrannosauridae (Cretaeceous).


Warm-blooded Unlike cold-blooded animals, a warm-blooded animal doesn't need to bask to keep warm.